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Heijoshin Dojo "Little Ninja" Self Defense

(Ages 4-6)

Why Young Children Love Our Little Ninja Martial Arts Classes...

  • Every class is full of jumping, kicking & punching, activities.
  • Every class has tons of high-energy drills that keep them interested.
  • Every class is exciting and motivational.
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Why Parents Love Our Little Ninja Martial Arts Classes...

  • They teach family values like respect, humility, self-control and honesty.
  • Children acquire patience, self-esteem, confidence and a "yes I can" attitude.
  • Outside of the home, martial arts is the best way to build these traits.
Unlike many other activities, every child in our school receives personal attention!

Gaining these life-skills is the fundamental difference
between martial arts at Heijoshin Dojo, and any other
activities in which your child may participate.

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Through our specialized program, your child will...

  • Feel better - beginning almost immediately.
  • Look better - as muscles tone up and physical well-being improves.
  • Learn - the single most important factor in avoiding bullies.
  • Think more clearly - we don’t need to emphasize the benefits of clear thinking in school, do we?

Heijoshin Dojo provides...

  • a clean, state-of-the-art facility
  • a caring, family-friendly environment
  • a top-notch curriculum that teaches practical martial arts.

Our young students gain... 

  • A healthy and happy lifestyle.
  • A love for fitness.
  • The ability to deal with negative situations.
  • The ability to achieving their goals at a safe and effective pace.

Heijoshin Dojo also provides children with...

  • A safe and respectful place for children overcome their fears & challenges.
  • Inspiration and encouragement.
  • Positive coaching and goal oriented achievement training.
  • The ability to listen, focus, and concentrate, as they master the art of Ninjutsu and self defense.

Just Look at the benefits your child will gain at Heijoshin Dojo...

  • How to Defuse Confrontational Situations From Escalating.
  • Modesty, Courtesy, and Integrity.
  • Respect for Themselves and Others.
  • Better Attention Span.
  • Unmatched Leadership Skills.
  • Serious Listening Skills.
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No video game matches the fun and excitement of REAL martial arts training!
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